A long and productive day

Today has been a darn long day…with lots of paperwork…non-stop…but it has been a good day…at least i am so pre-occupied as not to think of other mind-boggling things…and it has been a productive day as well….myself being always the last-minute freak, finally being able to finish some of the ‘overdued’ tasks today….feels good!! had some disappointments today as well, as far as friendship is concerned, i’ve gotta learn to accept some changes and let it be… I’ve tried, but getting tired… or rather am i being sensitive here? I don’t know… but the fact remains that there are some changes that causes us to drift apart…further and further away…. sigh…..
anyways, today is Pasar Malam day! My most favorite day of the week! coz of the yummy-delicious-mouth watering-variety of food! talk about food, and i am always as excited as ever…. well, actually I should be watching my waist-line since I have been eating alot nowadays; always craving for something to eat all the time! Gosh, this is serious! i should watch what i eat. So, i am looking forward to going to pasar malam today…oopssss….. i did it again! (serious problem)….
i have been telling myself to workout for the past 2 weeks, but didn’t stick to what i’ve planned…chronic chronic…i should be doing sit-ups—-overdued since the last 2 weeks….hmmm…how am i gonna fit it into my busy schedule (konon-konon laa….excuses!)…
anyway, i better get going…it’s already 6.12 p.m. and the pasar malam food is waiting for me!
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