Smart Casper

When I got back home from office just now, decided to teach Casper a few new tricks. Taught him ‘Turn’ and ‘Walk’ today. He is a darn quick learner; so amazing. He learnt it in no time at all. I was jumping in joy for successfully imparting my ‘knowledge’ to him, keke. So amazing when you teach new things and your ‘student’ grasps it so quickly. Of course the reward was his favorite Pedigree Dental, hehe; he’d do anything for it! Tried to teach him to ‘Roll’ but it’s a difficult trick, more so since he hates being turned around on his back. So the next one was ‘Lie Down’, that was difficult as well; he hasn’t grasped these two as yet; but I believe he would soon 🙂
Poor sister, she was busy watching TV and I had to drag her to perform the trick with Casper so that I can take few shots. Hehe, worth it of course!
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2 Responses to Smart Casper

  1. skryllion says:

    Yeah casper is truly 1 in a million. 😀 He’s so cute jumping for the reward.

  2. skryllion says:

    How come we love our dogs so? Must be because they love us so as well.. unconditionally. We’re willing to work with them!!! And yet sometimes, we’re not with other people… probabaly because we need to sense the love that they have…. interesting! More points for having passion in life!

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