Take it with a stride

Went to Tesco today to get some stuff for the doggies….Casper was so excited seeing the Pedigree Dental that i bought for them….of which he managed to convince me to give him one (now) when he ‘fetched’ my sandals from outside….he is quite a handful 🙂 he happily took it to one corner and savored every bit of it….

I’ve gotta finish my Entrepreneurship Project paper by this weekend (of which i have managed to extend the deadline to next wednesday)…. not that i am so excited to do this, hehe….just to take my mind off certain things….and i have lots of keying in and following-up to do with regards to ind training…..and also gotta set the exam papers for the next tri…. and also gotta complete the ind training guidelines….Oh my, only when i put it in papers did i realise that there is so much to do :p

Anyway, back to work…..i certainly can’t say TGIF!

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2 Responses to Take it with a stride

  1. skryllion says:

    taking it in your stride.. yes, if it is a thumbtack, taking it in will mean that over the long run you will have a footful of thumbtacks 😉 But if each tack is a blast in a forge that gives steel its character. Then our lifes is but a blade needing tempering. We are all searching for something, and the search shapes the paths of our lives. Some blasts are needed to be continuous and some are not and are permanent processes. For the not so astute, everything seems fine, yet underneath, the waters are churning. Boils are surfacing and with time, an eruption is imminent. So the obvious recourse is not only to stem the boils but also to ensure that the churning stops. But is it really? So to the even more astute, making a decision and when is crucial. Plans need to be put in motion and wheels need to start moving. This is what life is all about, the human condition striving for expression. What will be my expression? And what will be our expression, but the truth be told, isn’t it always our expression, all of us striving is actually each and every one of us in this world, and truly for unlimited stimulus, it is resulting from each and every one of us striving. To understand “the strive”… is to understand the meaning of life??? Or is it???So perhaps, all we need to do is remove the tack from our foot and start walking again with a little less pain…

  2. skryllion says:

    from a little less abstract viewpoint, yes the hurt is ever more apparent. Day to day is tough. Especially when one wakes up and goes to bed… because it is in that time when one is truly alone to reflect… in the morning is how to keep on going? and at night is how to make it through the night… the thing I miss most about honey bunny is her smile… And when she is sad… I am sad because I know the smile is not there…You see I miss it in this world more than anything else, even if its just smiles at casper.. it is still a smile, and in my mind, I know the smiles are there… and it is beaming the sense of happiness to others… like a ray of light from heaven… but when honey bunny is sad, the ray is missing from this world. so much for a little less abstract!!! :p

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