Time Flies

Time really flies darn fast… can’t recall what I have been up to for the past 5 days or so…that’s quite sad at times when i couldn’t remember anything much of a significance throughout the day even..or probably i am forgetting some things…the last 5 days…spent alot of time at home and a little time at work…and what else…trying to teach casper new tricks….i can’t recall when was the last time i baked a cake… i miss baking! yeah, i am certainly looking forward for that; i’d probably bake a chocolate cake this weekend. The one thing that i am looking forward the most is for honey bunny’s return…

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1 Response to Time Flies

  1. skryllion says:

    “Time, the subtle thief of youth”John Milton Sonnets 7″Procrastination is the thief of time”Edward Young Night Thoughts 1742-1746Sayang, yes it is fast, especially when we’re busy doing the things we want to do. And time is so fleeting, and yes we will forget many many things. Our life is but a memory, so as long as we keep in mind the wonderful ones, we will have a wonderful life. Woe is the person that cannot find a silver lining in everything because then his life is but a shade of grey. I believe that as we spend our times comtemplating the past, so afraid to lose it, we close a door on the possibility of the future, because the uncertainty of events to be makes life all the more cherishable… be it a tiny little door. Be wary of the past and the future but to neglect the present is to neglect life itself. The melody of the guitar, the smoothness of a swing, the focus and clarity of clear mind, the taste of chocolate cake!.. The essence of life is captured in but a few fleeting seconds at times but the stringing together of these is what counts the most.Which is why the present time is the best time for me to do what I need to do and that is to come back to you…. And for this I can’t wait.

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