Busy week ahead

It has been quite some time since i last blogged…held up with work… one thing is that no matter how much work load is sitting right under my nose, i never fail to find excuses to spend time with family and dogs…and maybe that’s why i have even more motivation to do and finish stuffs…i just finished class…..a replacement class since they didn’t wanna come to class next fri…the holiday mood is sipping in…okay laa i am also happy, i’d be able to go for a longer break 😉
Feel tensed at times especially with the PMS thingy…drives me nuts at times…telling myself, “geeta, keep it cool and easy” 🙂 had terrible stomach cramp today…the ‘joys’ of having the female reproduction organ…hehe…
Casper is going bonkers over his new found ‘toys’…my undies…it’s just so hilarious watching him run about with those thingy-ies….
I am so looking forward for honey bunny’s return next week….miss him so so much….so many things to do together 🙂
Okay, I am going back home now…goodie niteeeee
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