Thought provoking questions

Recently I have been having this desire to ask someone some thought provoking questions; and also reflect on those questions myself… so i have a few questions on my mind:1) What if I could sense and read the thoughts of other people?

2) If I was a man instead of a woman, what would my life be like?

3) If I was from Iraq instead of Malaysia, how would I view the world?

4) If there is one thing that you would change about your past, what would it be? (I’ve asked this question to honey bunny)

5) What would happen if there was no money in the world? What would that be like? What would I do if I didn’t have to earn money to survive?

6) Should couples be secretive of their income?

7) How if everything else goes perfectly in a relationship; but the issue of money causes some frictions?

So what are my personal opinions to all the questions above? I need time to think la….Stay tuned….let me first prepare the exam questions so that i can clear my mind before answering these questions…

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1 Response to Thought provoking questions

  1. skryllion says:

    If i could sense and read the thoughts of others, I’d like to get to know more people who are more inclined to do good than bad even if its 51% vs 49%.If I was a woman, I’d be lost… goes to show that I don’t really know at all what it means…If I was in Iraq, I’d probably be a lot meaner although this is a really tough Q to handle… I suppose, we have to ask ourselves what would we do if our families were torn apart and there was no way of reconcilliation as we know it…. also, I suppose it would matter if we were raised there or just teleported…If there was no money, how would we value our contibutions…?Apparently the fall of the communist union is the lack of human motivation… Anyways I suppose since I value my contribution by being intellectual.. doing a job that would represent that would be best… in my case, academics, research and getting things done would still be the case since our jobs are merely a vessel to showcase our personality traits and beliefs…I believe that they should be open to all… but since there are so many things to discuss, why discuss that, rather what would bring people closer is that they talk about each others expenditures which is really the main issue as it is one of direct control. Income is after all a matter of fact and often times not changeable in the short term. If everything goes well and money becomes an issue, first of all, money is probably the biggest issue faced by majority of couples… Why? it is because they do not understand money and what it means and does. Also, different people have different ways of looking at it… in my case, the “time aspect”. Looking at the long term seems more important… supposedly because my nature is more strategic. Also money is but a means to an end and most of my ends at the moment are long term. Realising that it is a learning curve is also important… what matters in any relationship is an ability to look beyond and see if it really is an issue. After all issues are self made stemming from expectations etc…

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