Stumbling Blocks – PhD (Public holiDay)

I have been having this conflict within me- as to whether or not to undertake my PhD studies. Well, I have submitted a proposal and registered for the course last year (2006) April – gosh, time really flies! and since then, i really don’t know what I have been doing. Lingering around and always have the 2nd thought as to whether i really wanna complete it. I have also completed all the pre-requisite courses for it. Just left with the actual thesis writing. After much contemplation and ‘idling’, I decided to seriously get into it – which was few months back…and till now, I am still wandering – lost! When I talk to other people about their ‘journey’ towards PhD-hood – i realised i am not alone. Now, here I am all prepped up to sit and do it! The following are the reasoning:
1) My father aspires me to be a PhD holder – and my dear daddy can tell proudly how smart his daughter and blah blah; haha – without knowing the ‘permanent head damage’ that I might have to face.
2) I am in the academic field and I want to remain in the academic field – gotta have a PhD so that they will keep me!
3) I can’t find any other reasons!

Okay, fine. So, I have drafted milestones for myself. The latest deadline – write-up on Chapter 2 – Literature Review – due on 20th Dec.

Things i did yesterday:
1) Filing – sorting out and categorising articles
2) EndNote – downloaded the software and read up on that – so darn useful! it was that which actually made me more motivated to sit and write πŸ™‚

Tasks for today:
1) Read journal articles
2) Write-up on literature review
3) Organize PC folders.

Words of wisdom: I read somewhere that “writing your thesis is a marathon, not a sprint”.

Now, I am excited to be the ‘wizard’ sitting in front of computer to accomplish a mission in a sprint! Oops, I meant marathon.

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2 Responses to Stumbling Blocks – PhD (Public holiDay)

  1. Mathi says:

    Hi,I was searching for moist butter cake recipe and found your blog. I was excited to find you are in Malaysia and pursuing PhD. We may have few things in common,I am a lecturer too, currently doing Phd (although not in the same field), I love baking, it was my hobby which have turned to a small biz, I got married in 2007 and went to Mauritius for honeymoon. Hmmmm…Interestingly I am a Libra-ian too…It will be nice to know someone who's in the same boat.Mathimy email: mahmathi_k@yahoo.commy blog:

  2. AGAPE says:

    Hi Mathi,Wow, we have so many similarities – not a few – but lots! Haha, cool! It'd be great to get to know you πŸ™‚

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