Sabah & Sarawak Visit

I went to Sabah & Sarawak for industrial training visitation from 8-11th Dec 2007. The following are the details:
Day 1:
  • Arrived at KK Airport around 2 p.m. – Checked in Radius International hotel – court room with no view – dissapointed – but the room was very nice with contemporary design and a canggih-fied shower – gotta have it when I have my own house.


    View from the room

  • Had lunch with Tay – Malay food.
  • Walked around the town – went to the handicraft market – walked around for more than 2 hours – was not so impressed of the town – nothing much around there really.
  • We went to a nice Hong Kong restaurant for dinner – the service was excellent with a ever-so-friendly waitresses who had Hong Kong celebrity’s name on their name tag – cool. – the food was excellent – we ordered too much though – we shared baked cheese rice with seafood (which was so damn creamy and rich!), ramen with fish fillet, borsch soup (this was excellent; I came back for more), and cheesy-chicken – stuffed for the night.
  • Didn’t sleep well that night – felt claustropobhic in the room – watched T.V.

Day 2:

  • Next day, transferred to a room with sea view – magnificient view and the room was more spacious with plenty of sunlight – absolutely love it – bright and sunny.
  • Sea View

  • Went around the mall in the evening – ordered the borsch soup again and stir-fried hor fun with ginger and fish for dinner. Tried corn in the cup with BBQ flavor – wanted to try something different – but this combination is yucky!

Day 3:

  • The next day, woke up early – had a good night sleep.
  • My student came to pick me up to visit the company – it was about 1/2 hour drive to the industrial estate.
  • Met up with the branch manager – received positive feedback on the student’s performance.
  • My student dropped me at the hotel at about 9.45 a.m.
  • Checked out – boarded the MASwings Fokker50 to Bintulu at 12.35 p.m.
  • Reached Bintulu at about 2 p.m. It was a lovely drive from the airport to the hotel – with plenty of trees and green – had a nice chat with the taxi driver – a nice and caring man.
  • The room is spacious – with a view – had a nice hot shower – it has been a long time since I last had such a darn relaxing and satisfying shower.
  • Ordered room service for dinner – had seafood spagetti with mussels and other seafood and cream of mushroom soup – not that great.
  • Watched T.V. – dozed off – a nice rainy night – cosy – looking forward for the next day’s breakfast.

Day 4:

  • Had a scrumptious breakfast – they served dim sum too! – i absolutely loved the sarawak nasi goreng and mee – it was so good.
  • Checked out of the hotel at about 12.40 p.m.- went to Bintulu Port to visit my student – had a nice chat with the Sales Manager – a nice man- but i was amused by the way he prepared his speech and how formal and serious his speech were – i nearly wanted to laugh – it was almost like he is giving a formal speech to a group of audience 😛
  • They entertained me well – served refreshments and presented me a nice souvenir – a jewellery box 🙂
  • Boarded the AirAsia flight at 4.10 p.m. -reached LCCT at 6 p.m. – Alfred sent me back home.
  • Had a good nice sleep at home.
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