Day 3 (16/11/06) – Thursday:
– Boarded the 6.50 a.m. flight to Edinburgh.
– Had our breakfast at Costa; I enjoyed the sandwich; Alfred managed to find a fantastic car for our drive in Scotland.
– Started our journey to Stirling. On the way, Alfred showed me Schlumberger’s training ground in Livingston and we went to the office to enquire about the accommodation during the training.
– Headed off towards Stirling.
– The views along the way were fantastic, with farms all along the way, and sheep grazing the grass; it is beautiful. Minus the navigating issues, I enjoyed the views along the way.
– We managed to find our way to Stirling (with occasional stops to read the map, hehe).
– I was feeling nauseous along the way; the drive and the weather didn’t help though. And looking at the map to find directions drove me even dizzier and nauseous. Stopped by a bed & breakfast (B&B) place and put up a night there. The hostesses were very friendly; I think I still remember his name, Tom.
– I liked the design of the bathroom as well as the painting on the wall.
– Since I was feeling a little sick, decided to have a short nap before going for lunch. I didn’t feel like eating anything; just felt like throwing up; my stomach was churning.
– So, had a good nap and by the time I woke up it was almost dinner time. I got up in the middle to have some snacks; I was starving. I get darn hungry so fast during the entire vacation.
– We went for dinner in a nice cozy restaurant, it felt like home. The food was good (a little bit salty though) but I couldn’t eat coz’ I was still feeling sick. Ordered vegetable soup and haggis-filled pasta. Alfred had shrimp and chicken. I forced myself to eat despite feeling nauseous. I was hungry but couldn’t eat.
– We drove up to Stirling castle that night and the view from the top was glorious. But it was too cold, and we had to get back to the car. Unfortunately, we forgot to take some pictures of the castle. I guess I was too tensed up till I forgot to bring my camera, huhu.
– Drove around Stirling town; nothing much to see, really; except for the castle and the William Wallace monument.
– Alfred was looking forward to go to the castle and especially the monument the next morning. Nite nite.
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