Day 4 (17/11/06) – Friday:
– The next morning – breakfast was superb, being my first time there and enjoying the typical Scottish breakfast; cereals, some fantastic prunes to go with the cereals, scrambled eggs, sausages, tomatoes, toasts, fresh juice, and a good cup of tea.
– We packed and left that morning; headed towards northern parts of Scotland. On the way, stopped over to visit the William Wallace monument. Commentary: The 1995 Mel Gibson film Braveheart is based on the story of Sir William Wallace. Unfortunately, it was raining that morning and we had to cancel the plan. However, we managed to stopover and take some good pictures.

William Wallace Monument
– We headed off north and planned to put up a night in Ullapool.
– As we drove away from Stirling (I’d say a boring town, with nothing much to see except the castle and the monument), I felt relieved, don’t know for what reason.
– The views along the way were superb, with farms stretching from one end to the other. I was savoring every moment; the beautiful colors of the leaves, trees standing majestically, some sparse, some with golden leaves, some with leaves just turning into gold, and some still retaining its leafy green texture; beautiful autumn!
– We decided to have our lunch in a small town (can’t remember the name of the town though). It was still raining from the time we left Stirling. We had our lunch in a place called Skiing-Doo. I had spaghetti and Alfred had something with haggis. And we had fantastic vegetable soup as a starter. It was good, especially so since we were starving. We continued our journey, and on the way it started snowing! I was so excited. I was enjoying the views (beautiful farms with sheep and a chain of snow-tipped mountains as the background! Mountains standing majestically overlooking the lake. Need I say more! It was absolutely breathtaking). We stopped for a while; I wanted to feel the snow and take some pictures. I can still visualize everything so clearly on my mind; the pictures didn’t do it justice, of course.

Breathtaking view
– So captivating.

– On the way to a small town, we passed by a creek; so beautiful.

As good as it gets!
– I took over the wheel (can’t remember from where to where; drove for about 2 hours or so).
– We continued our journey up to the north.
– The weather was rough all along the way. It was one heck of a drive. The road is winding multiplied by the fact that it was snowing and after that raining heavily.
– We finally reached our destination for that night, Ullapool. Drove around to find a nice B&B to stay over. Finally found one overlooking the loch. It has a beautiful view from the room we stayed in. And the room is very spacious, a sharp contrast from the place we stayed in Stirling. Good choice!
– Didn’t go out for dinner that night. Was exhausted from the long journey. Had some grapes and bananas that we bought on the way.
– Had a good night sleep.
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