Day 5 (18/11/06) – Saturday:
– Got up early and packed to leave. Enjoyed the view from the balcony. It was beautiful with the sun’s reflections on the sea water. It was like little diamonds sparkling in the ocean with a chain of mountains as its background. Absolutely breathtaking.
– Had a good breakfast; oat porridge, fried eggs with bacon, hotdog and tomatoes; and a good cup of tea.
– It was a nice bright sunny morning. So, it was perfect, we spent most of Friday traveling with the not-so-good weather condition and on Saturday, it was a perfect day for us to go sightseeing- just exactly how we planned- luck was on our side. Took some nice pictures outside the B&B.

– We started our journey towards Durness. Stopping occasionally to admire the breathtaking sceneries.

– On the way, just a few minutes after leaving the B&B, we spotted a rainbow over the mountain. It was such a perfect view to see in the morning. We stopped over to admire the view. Such a beautiful day! Wished it never have to come to an end.

– We stopped for lunch early that day in a pie shop a.k.a. Riverside Bistro; apparently this shop is well known for its infamous pie. We had onion soup and halibut fish cakes. A light lunch and that was the best meal we’ve had during our entire vacation. A good choice. Yummy! Totally loved the halibut fish cake! And we ordered cauliflower with cheese pie to take away for snacking later.

What joy it is to be alive and enjoy such good food! Hallelujah!

– Stopped by the beach on our way. The walk towards the beach was stunning with beautiful farm, sheep grazing the grass; though it was freaking cold and windy. But I was so excited that I almost forgot the cold when I saw the shoreline.

– I enjoyed the beach very much and just wished it was summer at that time. My eyes were teary because of the strong wind and cold and my fingers felt numb. But still, I didn’t feel like leaving that place.

– Once we got into the car, I felt nauseous again. Must be the drastic change in the temperature from outside and inside the car. Gosh, I felt sick. Nevertheless, it’s all worth it, walking along the beach.

– On the way, we saw a flock of sheep running towards the car in a straight line, while bleating happily; so adorable! Such coordination!

– We drove up the hill heading towards Stoer Point and Old Man of Stoer; stunning views of the coastline along the way.
– We parked at the Stoer Lighthouse to take some pictures. I didn’t get out of the car, was feeling nauseous. Alfred went out and took some pictures of the choppy sea and the lighthouse. It was a spectacular view along the rugged coastline, with its sheer cliffs and crashing waves.

Stoer Lighthouse

– We continued our journey heading towards Old Man of Stoer. It was a gravel road leading there and there was a large puddle of water on the road and we decided to turn back (don’t wanna be stranded in the middle of a no-man land).

– We continued our journey and marveled at the magnificent views along the way.

– We saw a few reindeers! Quickly took some pictures before it bounded away. Yay!
– The drive up north from Ullapool to Durness was all filled with beautiful sceneries. I lost count the amount of times I said “beautiful; spectacular; amazing; breathtaking”. Basically, I have no words to describe the journey. Absolutely amazing.
– I asked myself whether I would choose to settle down in a place like this; and I find myself saying “NO”. I’d rather see these places once in a while during vacations rather than living there and eventually forgetting to truly appreciate the beauty of that place; that’d be such a waste, wouldn’t it. The most important thing, I believe, is to savor every single thing that we come across; be it in our daily lives or during our travel. It’s easy to say “Oh, how I wished I could stay in a place like this; how I wished I could go to these kinds of places more often”; it’s also easy to forget to appreciate the wonderful things that we have now.
– Durness is a small town with about 500 people. A lovely town; I loved the atmosphere.
– We reached Morven’s Bed & Breakfast at about 4 in the evening. We put up a night there. It’s absolutely the best place we’ve stayed during our entire vacation. Despite being a small place, the environment is extremely cozy and it feels almost like home; the hostess is extremely warm and friendly. Poor lady though, she kept apologizing for forgetting the pillowcase and milk for the tea. We had an excellent and a memorable stay there.
– The view from the room is spectacular; it’s facing the loch. Couldn’t wait to see the sunrise the next morning; it’d be fantastic.
– That night didn’t go out for dinner. Had the pie we bought in Riverside Bistro. The best pie I’ve ever had! So cheesy and creamy and vegetable-ey.
– Had a good rest that night.
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