Day 7 (20/11/06) – Monday:
– Had a typical Scottish breakfast. No comments; sudah jemu with the same breakfast every morning; my taste buds started yearning for nasi lemak with extra sambal.
– We started our journey heading to Edinburgh. Passed Ben Navis Mountain; majestic.
– Passed by the city of Glasgow – nice. I liked the architecture of the buildings in Glasgow.
– We reached Edinburgh around lunch time. Had difficulty at first in finding the hotel; went round and round; and finally located the hotel at Queensferry Road. Checked-in and left luggages in the hotel; had shish kebab for lunch; it was damn good.
– Went around for a drive before returning the car. Took some pictures of some swans chilling out at a nearby lake.

Beautiful swans

– Headed towards Edinburgh airport to return the car. Massive traffic along the way; but the general mood in the car was good.
– It was awfully cold that night. Hired a cab and returned to the hotel.
– Can’t remember what we ate that night.
– Had a good night rest.
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