Day 8 (21/11/06) – Tuesday:
– Morning – Lazed around in bed; ordered room service for lunch – had northern Indian cuisine. Darn lazy to get out in the cold; I started feeling so bored and realized that I’d be cuckoo-fied if I stayed any longer in the room; so got ready to go out to the city; it was almost 2 p.m. by the time I left the hotel room. Took a bus to the city and went around some streets, just walking and people-watching; went to a shop to buy some souvenirs and chatted with the owner at the store. By the time I got out from the store it was almost 5.30. Just sat at a bench admiring the hustle-bustle-ness of the city life; watching people walking by; so contented with their loved ones.
– Sat there a little while more and took some pictures along Princess Street. Didn’t get very good shots; must be the lightings.

– Took the bus back to the hotel. Guess what; missed the stop – the typical cuckoo-fied Geeta. I did it again! Come on; give me a break; it was dark and I couldn’t recognize the landmarks (yeah, right! Be more observant next time and abide by the golden rule “Mark the landmarks so that you wouldn’t get lost instead of turning a deaf ear”; lesson to be learnt). The fact is that I took pleasure in the getting-lost-in-don’t-know-the-name-of-the-street part; it was fun! – Of course minus the heavy load of the shopping bags I had to carry though…pffttttt…
– Anyway, back to the story of my getting lost. I just sat in the bus and was enjoying my ride (knowing pretty well that I have missed the stop didn’t stop me from ‘savoring’ the moments; whatever it is! In the bus?). So, well, yeah, it was not long before I decided that I should get my ass out of the bus before it goes so far beyond my ‘walking distance’ range. Got down at-don’t-know-where stop and looked as if rusa masuk kampong; well it’s more like a silly-woman-with-a-bad-sense-of-direction-and-cuckoo-enough-to-walk-in-the-cold expression. Honestly, I enjoy the process of getting lost and finally finding my way back; it gives me a sense of accomplishment, hehe (konon-konon la to prove to myself that my sense-of-direction skills are still functioning).
– Anyway, oh gosh, I keep diverting. Finally, I managed to walk back to the hotel. What a relief when I saw the signboard ‘Holiday Inn’; I was excited to the max! Despite having to walk in the cold with that heavy load of things to carry, I was grinning happily that I found my way back to the hotel, hehe.
– Since I had ‘fun’ and too much walking in the cold, sort of got numb with the cold; so decided to go to Sainsbury’s to get something to munch. Bought fruit cake and some tidbits (potato chips).
– Had dinner at a Thai restaurant; after that took a walk down to the railway station and went to Mark & Spencer. Bought some snacks and fruits and milk.
– Headed back to the hotel and had a good night rest.

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