So Sweet

I have been sitting the whole day ‘digesting’ journal papers and the economic theories and models when my dearest ex-student, Nicole dropped by (with her bubbly smiles) bringing me home-made soy bean with ginko and tofu sheets (freshly made by Nicole). I was so happy and touched with her sweet gestures; definitely something you need when you are bogged down with work and research (and the sensation of the warm fresh soy bean soup passing down your throat is therapeutical and heavenly; just what you need after a long day’s work; the best part – it is delivered directly to you without you expecting). Thanks, Nicole – and she said gingko is good for the brain, which is exactly what I need now!

She is the sweetest person I have met (and I am not saying this because she brought me soy bean). She has always some exciting news to share and never ceases to smile – which can melt away all your troubles and worry; and she has a big heart. People like her definitely make life a wonderful journey. And Nicole, yeah I still owe you the cheesecake 🙂 on the way…

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