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Can Anybody Meditate?

I found this interesting book title when I ‘googled’ on spirituality and meditation. “Can anybody meditate?” is the title of a chapter from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s deservedly bestselling book “Wherever You, There You Are.” One of my many interests has been … Continue reading

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Had a blast in Korea

Just got back from South Korea yesterday. Had a fantastic time there; with great company, food, and surroundings; I totally had a blast! Will upload the pics and update the details later. Till then, gotta finish up my piling ‘to … Continue reading

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Where did my egg tart go?

I was sitting at the garden enjoying the sunset while savouring every bit of my favorite corn egg tart. Then, my friend Suren came and I can swear that the egg tart was there on the chair before I left … Continue reading

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The Week Ahead

Tomorrow morning we are driving to Sungai Siput, Perak to attend one of my cousin’s wedding. The wedding is on Saturday night and it’s gonna be a long day for us (my family and I will be car-pooling with my … Continue reading


The current happening – the craving for butter cake

Ever since my dear colleague, Nya Ling, dropped by my office room to offer her fresh-from-the-oven moist butter cake, I’ve been drooling over just the thought of the delicious cake. I am never a big fan of plain butter cake, … Continue reading

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Birthday Party for my uncle

We celebrated Uncle John’s birthday last Saturday at his house in Bukit Katil; it was a birthday-party-celebration-cum-reunion party. All my cousins and family members came together and partied to our hearts content. I truly had a blast on that night. … Continue reading

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Farewell lunch for Ying Zhee

Last Friday we had a farewell lunch for one of our dear colleague who was leaving. We had a blast of a time just chatting and catching up on old stories. We call ourselves the 1st-floorers and we share similar … Continue reading

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Bum-ming around

I have been lazing around alot for the past week or so; technically speaking, for me, lazing around means not spending like 8 hours a day in my studies and work; and I end up overwhelmed with feeling guilty for … Continue reading

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Forbidden Questions to ask a PhD student

Enough stress to go through, and the last thing we want is having to answer these types of questions. Things that you should think twice (from now on) to say or ask to a PhD student: I found this ‘interesting’ … Continue reading

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Glazed Coffee Cake

coffee glaze trickling down from the sides of the cake – love the sight of it! Last weekend I baked a cake for my cousin, Hans’ birthday on 6th June. This time I decided to try baking a cake that … Continue reading

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