Today, myself and few of my colleagues were invited for an Appreciation Session with our President and received a certificate for achieving outstanding evaluation from our students last trimester. Of all my passions, teaching is one of them; but my greatest passion has always been anything that has got to do with animals.

At one point in time, I pondered on why didn’t I study to be a veterinarian; I’d be the happiest person alive! I only realised this when I helped my dog to deliver her puppies; I went all the way and wasn’t even grossed out; and that’s when my family lamented that I should have been a vet seeing by the way in which I reacted quickly to save Benjy’s and the puppies’ lives. This was brought up when I was already a full-fledged academic delving in my research and teaching. Those days (I make it sound like it has been ages ago; but truth to be told it has been), the best way was the common way – there was no one who told me all the options available (including the not-so-popular ones) and that I should follow my heart. That’s why I went to MMU to pursue my degree in Finance – a more secured line – in which I’d be able to get a job and settle into a routine and secured job. But I am so-not-the-routine-kind-of-person; I never liked protocol, following rules, regulations, etc. So I wonder now how my life would have been if I had chosen a road-less-travelled. I know it’s never too late; all that I tell myself now is that I gotta finish whatever I am doing now (which again it’s so not me considering how impulsive and follow-the-heart-person that I can be) and then I can do whatever I want. I deem what I am doing and studying now as a challenge and I love challenges and therefore I will complete my doctoral studies; and then I can do anything that I want 🙂

But, coming back to the topic, I must confess that I love teaching – no matter how difficult or serious the adult students can get – at the end of the day, the reward is when I see the smile on my student’s face when they manage to understand a concept that I am teaching, no matter how difficult it can be. And the more interactive the class is, the happier I be. So, at the end of the day, I am happy doing what I am doing now; as long as it is in a less formal and less bureucratic environment.

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2 Responses to Appreciation

  1. Seelan says:

    Hi, you have enjoyed teaching, i can say being a student as well as being a trainer or lecturer differs alot. We came thru the same once we are student we observe the teaching and then when we became lecturer we let them observe us. The success of a lecturer is not only gained by recognition of awards but as much how he/she have imparted the knowledge to their students. The best word to remember from students mouth ” Sir/ Madam Thanks for your help, I have passed” ..this words you will never forget till the end of your life..its more than getting award.Upon all the great thing sometimes we ponder to some of our students who cant make it. This is the sad part of the teaching. Yet as lecturer we go all the way to focus and make them pass.Knowlege is really great its more greater that we pass this knowledge in the mind of student.”as the letter ‘A’ is first in alphabetical orders so do GOD who is first in the universe”**Thirukural

  2. AGAPE says:

    yes, seelan – i totally agree that the greatest achievement and fulfillment for a teacher is when your student expresses their deepest gratitude for the knowledge that you imparted.

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