The current happening – the craving for butter cake

Ever since my dear colleague, Nya Ling, dropped by my office room to offer her fresh-from-the-oven moist butter cake, I’ve been drooling over just the thought of the delicious cake. I am never a big fan of plain butter cake, but this one piece of cake ‘turned me on’, haha; I mean turned my cravings on 😉 The cake is so moist and creamy, and one piece is never enough.

Unable to resist my temptation any longer, I sms-ed her this morning asking her to bring the recipe TODAY because I wanna bake the cake TODAY. She politely obliged my ‘demanding’ cravings and passed me the recipe of hers today. As soon as I got the recipe, I dashed straight to Tesco to buy the ingredients for the cake; I am more than willing to endure the Friday-lunch-traffic to please my tastebuds. And here I am now waiting for the hard-as-a-rock butter to soften before I can start my journey towards satisfying my craving for THE butter cake. Okay okay, maybe it’s only me, but I seriously have to deal with my cravings. Please excuse me…

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