Where did my egg tart go?

I was sitting at the garden enjoying the sunset while savouring every bit of my favorite corn egg tart. Then, my friend Suren came and I can swear that the egg tart was there on the chair before I left my chair momentarily to talk to him at the gate. I was darn sure it was only for a while. It was also strange that Casper didn’t bark at Suren although Suren is not a familiar face for Casper. I just dismissed the thought thinking that Suren must have brought in good vibes with him which is to Casper’s likings. When I returned to my chair momentarily after Suren left, I saw Casper grinning and looking happy. I thought “oh, no”. He stole my favorite egg tart!


“Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no; looks like I am in trouble”
“I am sorry”
“I am really sorry; it was just too good to resist”
“I promise I will TRY not to steal from you again”

Look at his overwhelmed-with-guilt-expressions. Instead of reprimanding him for stealing, I laughed my heart out and hugged and kissed ‘Casper-the-thief’, his new nickname and I love him to bits. Now, why wouldn’t he be spoiled; I can hear my mum lamenting…
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