Last Thursday (3rd July) was my grandma’s 10th year death anniversary – didn’t realize that time just went by that fast – and when I look at myself now, I know that I have changed in many ways –more on the way I view and interpret things; and how I learnt appreciating the finer things in life and getting in touch with my spiritual side.I miss my grandmother so much – and with time, it’s easy to slowly forget the person who was there and stood up for you and who loved you so dearly. When we went to the temple to make ‘archanai’ (prayer/pooja) on my grandmother’s name, I wondered what is the purpose of performing all these rituals – when the person is no longer around; and I realized that the simple act of carrying the oil lamp around the temple in that moment of silence brings back all the memory we hold of her. It summons all the memories that were residing deep in our hearts which at times we forget to acknowledge. I remember my grandmother with all that she was and will be – in our memories.

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