Work and Leisure

Last few weeks I have been busy completing a research paper and didn’t realize time just went by. Despite cracking my head on the paper, I managed to steal some time to watch 4 movies for the past week or so; I am happy with myself for a pretty balanced time management – of which I sucked terribly last time – either I have too much fun or work to the max. Now I try my best to juggle my time between work and play – it definitely feels good to be balanced.

The movies I watched: ‘Wanted’ (came out from the cinema feeling ‘battered’ – I think there is no story at all – what is the moral value?); Dasavatharam (Tamil movie – really loved the movie for its good storyline – the question of the existence of God – the chaos theory – Tsunami; it was so good that I watched it twice – once with my colleague and the second time with my mum and sis – as I have never watched a movie twice in theatre, this movie is definitely worth watching twice as I was deciphering its deeper messages when I watched it the second time). Then watched ‘Hancock’ with family – had to sit in the first row – despite that, kinda enjoyed the movie. Then ‘The Happening’ with Chin Lay – totally disappointed with the movie; for once I trust the review critiquing M.Night Shyamalan’s movie – I wonder what’s his next movie?

Regarding work & research, I finally completed the first draft of the paper last Saturday– feels good 🙂

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7 Responses to Work and Leisure

  1. Seelan says:

    How do you feel when you first decided to do your PhD?

  2. AGAPE says:

    when i first registered for PhD, i was basically lost and clueless of the road ahead; PhD is indeed a lonely journey; but the journey is worth it; = requires some discipline (actually, lots of it), perseverence, and a sense of purpose with a clear goal in your mind – and i m glad i blogged – an avenue for me to share n learn.

  3. Seelan says:

    Not many can achieve their academic status till PhD. Also you have to observe some journal and paper work on your topics and attend some seminar to share the thoughts. Indeed its a lonely journey.It is really good to see you achieving this, may God bless you with success and glory in your PhD.”KNOWN IS A DROP, UNKNOWN IS THE OCEAN, ONE WHO KNOWS HIM/HERSELF OBTAIN WISDOM”

  4. AGAPE says:

    Seelan, thanks for your words of encouragement! it fuels the destination towards my goals 🙂

  5. Seelan says:

    Its my pleasure, FUEL price hike up ready…… so better use bicycle for your destination. Hhehehe

  6. AGAPE says:

    hehe, yeah bicycle sounds good 😉

  7. seelan says:

    If u cant get a bicycle, no worries i provide u with “Aladdin’s Magic Carpet”…no traffic jam at all, ur destination is clear and safe. Dont forget wear ur seat belt while u are in magic carpet….

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