My Father’s Hands

A few days back I received an email from Hillary (Cheng Leng as I know her) regarding a brilliant idea on ‘Sunday Sharing’ carnival. It’s for anyone to share their thoughts/feelings about a subject matter – this week’s title being “My Father’s Hand”. When I read the topic, I knew that I have infinite things to talk about my father.
– My father’s hands are sinewy but which radiates warmth and a sense of security in me when he holds mine guiding me along the miraculous path of life.
– His hands feeding us when we were small.
– His hands have guided me along the path of learning – inculcating the value of education in me and I owe him for all that I have achieved till this day.
– His hands always moving animately to teach and impress us by frequent admonitions.
– His hands holding an Atlas when we quiz him on some places on earth.
– As a kid, I remember that when my father’s hand is not holding mine, it will be hugging my mom; or at other times reaching for the sweets 🙂
– I know better not to provoke him because I have seen his temper a few times – his hands laying flat on my cheek – but I know he did that for my own good – and I remember his hands holding and calming me down afterwards.
My father has taught me to always treat anyone with love and respect even if they have hurt you. At times I can be rebellious – and he is the only person able to calm me down. His deep interest in spirituality and moral values have deeply rooted in me.
I hope that my life itself is a message to my father that I’m living a blessed, happy and blissful life because of him and his teachings. And his hands will soon give me away on my wedding day; and I can picture his hands cuddling his grandchildren with him beaming in pride.
When my father comes back from the store, as a kid I remember running out to him to see what he has bought for me. As a grown-up lady now, I know that my father is truly a rich man – not in material possessions (he is always a simple person) – but a rich man whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.
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6 Responses to My Father’s Hands

  1. kavi says:

    Geeta,Really beautiful and touching message. Reminded me so much of my dad…we are truly blessed children!

  2. AGAPE says:

    Yes, kavi; every moment is precious and we should cherish it as much as we can 🙂

  3. Cheng Leng says:

    Wow Geeta, your Dad is indeed blessed to have you. Thanks for sharing so much about your dad. Been reading your blog and come to know so much more about you, but there’s still something missing – I don’t know what your family is like :DBy the way, need to ask you for something. Thanks for putting up the banner, but could you like it to this specific page so that your friends and family can know what others have also written.Also I noticed you’ve added the link on my blog using the tool provided but please add the link again – this time, add the link to your specific blog post so that my readers can read what YOU have written.I think you can’t delete the first link you’ve added so it’s okay. Just add a second time hahahaha. 😉

  4. AGAPE says:

    hie cheng leng, thanks again for coming up with this idea 🙂 and I’ve just added a second link on your blog to my post – p/s: i m still familiarizing myself on how to ‘link’ 😛

  5. HuiLing says:

    Hello Geeta,What a wonderful article. Many thanks for sharing from your heart and sharing your father with us.

  6. AGAPE says:

    Hi Hui Ling, thank you so much for your comments – it’s indeed my pleasure to share 🙂

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