Taking a Walk

My favorite part of the day is during sunrise and sunset – that’s when my dogs and I go for a walk. I always look forward to waking up early in the morning to admire the sky of scarlet hue.

This week’s Sunday Sharing topic is ‘Taking a Walk’ – which aptly describes my daily morning routine – a routine and I look forward to and love doing. It’s not routine in the strictest sense of the word – since every morning tells a different story – the sky paints a different picture everyday – and the birds sing different songs each morning – and it’s trully a blessing to be able to participate in the symphony of nature every morning just before starting my day. I am even more blessed since I am accompanied by my wonderful dogs – they are more interested in sniffing the ‘trace’ left by other dogs – and I am more interested in being absorbed in the beautiful morning sceneries and the chirpings of the birds and the gentle breeze.

When I leave the house for a walk, I witness the moon and the stars in the sky give way to the sun and the sun with its warmth and beauty covers the heart with all it can hold. It’s a gift to stand and watch the magic of that glowing neon face appearing majestically from the space – that’s the joy that fills me during my morning walks. I never get tired of seeing the amazing variations of light and cloud cover the sun and sky display. I count my blessing for the wonderful experience that I look forward to each morning.

Taking a walk enables me to spend some quiet moment alone – to reflect on things – and to appreciate the beauty of nature that God has bestowed on us. It’s a shame to overlook the beauty of God’s perfect creation in the name of work/chores. Just stopping and admiring the beautiful canvas of nature is invigorating – both to the mind and the soul. It’s as if I’ve moved to a different plane of existence whenever I gaze at the sky.

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