The Joy of Teaching

The following are the comments and suggestions from my students from the online academic evaluation report for the Microeconomics subject I taught this trimester:
1. Thanks.
2. nice teaching. easy to understand
3. It is not that i want to flatter, I really like the way you teach. You are gentle yet stern at times.
4. Can understand more when in tutorial class..
5. for me she is good lecture.
6. i like the way u teach…
7. Nth to comments
8. no comment.
9. like the way you teaching…
10. excellent, always punctual, friendly, very professional, knows her subject well
11. omg too pro ald untill cant say anything.keep on.
12. she is good. she clear our doubt in this subject at that time.
13. teach very detail and interesting during class not boring . I hope lecturer can give more exercise to us . let us more understand .
14. I like the way lecturer teach.I understand what you are teaching.Thanks madam.
15. can understand what the lecturer trying to say and im satisfied the way she is teaching…:)
16. her teaching is easy to understand..
17. like the way you teach
18. gives good explanation. easy to understand.
19. this lecturer is very hardworking and she teaches us very well..
20. explain very detail when discuss the tutorial questions . can understand clearly.
21. Thanks.
22. Nth to comments..
23. i like the way the lecturer teaching:)
24. mdm u really deserve this bcoz u indeed a very good experienced n talented lecturer. keep it up mdm…
25. excellent.
26. very nice lecturing way so its easy to understand
27. she is a very gaad lecturer…
28. Good
29. your class is the best madam…this is one of the classes that i really enjoy attending
30. Very detail!@!
31. very good lecturer ~~
32. She’s nice
Thus, the joy of teaching! 🙂
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2 Responses to The Joy of Teaching

  1. Carol Chia says:

    Hey Geeta,great job 🙂 Interesting to learn that teaching can be so joyous, providing you the satisfaction that cannot get elsewhere, unreplaceable, incomparable to monetary rewards

  2. AGAPE says:

    hi tze huey; yes, I believe it’s important to do something that you love and in the process enjoy the satisfaction the end result gives you. As for me, I enjoy the flexibility the most 🙂

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