Thin-Crusted Pizza

After dining at Bianco in Damansara, I have been craving to try my hand at baking thin-crust pizzas. So, this weekend I set myself to indulge in pizza baking and eating, of course. I made the dough from scratch and it was fun! With lots of mess to clean up afterwards, though. Of course I need more practice in tossing the pizza like a master-chef, hehe. And I am determined to go through all the practices that it takes to perfect the skills of making pizzas.

There were many recipes for the dough and that gives me more reasons to make pizzas frequently to experiment the best recipe for the crust. The outcome – turned out well I guess. But I still need lots of practice to make it better – especially with the oven temperature-control as well as more time for the dough to proof (allow dough to rise) – it would have been better if the dough is left to proof overnight in the refrigerator. The toppings for the pizza – eggplant, mozarella, mushrooms, and basil leaves. My sister enjoyed it 🙂

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