30 Things about Me

1. I decided to write a note on 30 things to reflect on things and about myself and the things I do and did.
2. I love animals like crazy – dogs top the list – I regret for not majoring in animal behaviour – well, maybe one fine day I might decide to pursue that ambition.
3. Dreams of working with animals and owning a restaurant and a farm with lots of animals in it one day.
4. I enjoy my flexible working hours so so very much.
5. Has an adventure streak in myself – but yet to act on it. I love going for a drive through mountains and nature with Alfred (him driving of course). I love nature and it’s amazing to watch all the little things that God has created for us.
6. Would love to leave everything and go somewhere with Alfred and start our life somewhere new.
7. Plans to stand tall on Mount Kinabalu soon.
8. Wish that I am more spontaneous as I wanted to be – I am becoming more and more structured with schedules and stuff. Just wish I can be more relaxed and laid-back at times and take it easy.
9. Turning into a freak – wanting everything to be organized and turning out as I wanted it to be. I value punctuality so much so that I’d be stressed out if someone delays the plan or time.
10. Always caring what other people think or has to say – sometimes it works as a disadvantage for me – I tend to be sooooo conscious – it’s tiring. Wish I couldn’t care less πŸ™‚ Always wanting to take care other people’s feelings – even at the expense of mine. And not speaking out.
11. Can’t imagine living without potatoes – love ’em πŸ™‚ and I eat like a slow bird – a nickname my uncle gave me.
12. I love cooking and baking – am more inclined to cook my own meal than eating outside…I love eating out in good restaurants occasionally.
13. Am starting to get anxious of the amount of things in the ‘to do’ list for this year.
14. I believe more than strongly now that health is the most important thing —- after Alfred was diagnosed, we started paying lots of importance to taking care of our health.
15. I am so conscious with what goes into my body – becoming more and more aware of all the junks and preservatives that I’ve put in my body over the years and trying to be more controlled in my food intake. Advocates natural food free from preservatives and additives. Loves foooooood – and the best part is eating healthy good food. It’s just easy to make – I started realising it’s the choices that I make to better eating habits.
16. Family and friends form an important part of my life.
17. Am trying to stick to an exercise regime that I can stick to for good – currently climbing the Bukit Beruang hill.
18. More inclined towards spirituality – I love reading on meditation and the power of the mind.
19. My daily schedule – includes meditating for 10 mins twice a day. I am becoming more and more introverted and prefer to sit in silence.
20. One regret – not being able to attend a good friend’s mom’s funeral – regret it till now 😦
21. Sometimes, I get pretty bad mood swings and I’d be so down for the day – lying on the bed till late morning makes things worse.
22. My alarm clock in the morning – Casper my fur-kid – my dogs keep me happy all the time πŸ™‚
23. I try to read more now – just starting to realise the new perspectives books can give us. Nowadays, I watch T.V. way too less – but I love going to the cinema for movies.
24. I love to rise early in the morning – just starting my day early gives me more things to do for the day.
25. I love having parties and and cooking and inviting people over to dine with. The more the merrier. And I absolutely love potluck parties!
26. I love sitting at the garden during sunset.
27. Love the chirping of birds.
28. I totally love Japanese food – sushi and sashimi, especially.
29. I dream of having a complete set of kitchen and baking appliances.
30. I wish that people just eat slower during functions so that I don’t look like a guinea pig with a mouth full of food struggling to eat quicker.
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2 Responses to 30 Things about Me

  1. classyadele says:

    #2,3,5,6 –> u will LOVE NZ very much.#11 –> me2. THe potatoes, not the slow bird. :)#13 –> precisely the reason I dont have one.#15 –> you should check out the "SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT", it actually exists, started in Italy. Receiving wide recognition now in other parts of the world too. Lots of research on it. #19 –> doesnt it contradict #8

  2. AGAPE says:

    Adele, I am so looking forward to visit NZ – I read that your other half is gonna come over and settle there with you ya! That sounds great! I’ll let you know when I come there k πŸ™‚ and yeah, sometimes I contradict myself πŸ˜‰

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