Prince and our road-trip to the vet

Last week, Prince and us went on a road trip – we went to the vet at the University Putra Malaysia (UPM) Veterinary Clinic. Unlike Casper, Prince is a little cowardly when it comes to a visit to the vet (actually, ‘coward’ is an understatement of the way he behaves everytime we step into a vet clinic – he starts shivering down to his bones – it’s a hilarious and embarrassing sight).
We brought him there to seek advice on his cataract problem which now has affected both his eyes. Poor Prince, he is only 4 years old and his vision is deteriorating day by day due to the cataract. UPM vet clinic is the only place in Malaysia that has the facility for cataract treatment and it’s costly. After examining him, the doctor said he has to run a series of test before making sure whether Prince will be fit for the cataract surgery – and the blood test came out positive for heartworm. Prince is now on medication for heartworm and after a month, we will be bringing him back there to be admitted for them to administer injections for the heartworm.We were surprised to see how well Prince was ‘handled’ by the staff and the vet. They are so good at what they are doing that Prince started getting comfortable around them and his anxiety-attack-symptoms vanished. I was very satisfied with the service and the treatment at the vet clinic. I am generally dissatisfied with the animal care service industry in Malaysia – and sometimes wished that I was in other countries where animals are treated more fairly and equally. I must say that the service in the UPM vet clinic far superseded my judgment. They took great care of Prince – never have I seen a vet and the staff and also the students showing so much of care and love in attending to an animal – I don’t mind driving from Melaka to Serdang at all – I am comforted with the thought that my fur-kids will be in the best care when I bring them here.

When I saw how much Prince is loved by all the students and the vet, I love him more now đŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Prince and our road-trip to the vet

  1. stschin says:

    I was reading about your “fur-kids”, my “fur-kid” has also got the cataract problem but then she is about 10 years old.

  2. AGAPE says:

    Yes, cataract is more common among older dogs and certain breeds like Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever are more susceptible to cataract than other breeds. Is both your doggy’s eyes affected?

  3. stschin says:

    yep…both of her eyes has cataract…she bumps into things easily……I dont take her out that often…

  4. AGAPE says:

    Poor thing; the vet however mentioned that dogs have a strong sense of smell and hearing and usually they will adapt with a loss of sight by using more of their hearing and sniffing senses. And since she is already 10 years old, it’s good to create a comfort zone for her to move about.

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