A Mini Party

Last Saturday, after Balok Beach, we organized a mini party for Alfred’s close buddies. He wanted to throw a thanksgiving party and invite some of his friends over. 5 of his friends came over and we had a fantastic party. I made pizza and Alfred made vegetarian lasagna and raita.

I used the same recipe that I posted last time for the pizza dough and it turned out just great (his friends thought we bought the pizzas, hehe). Pizza topping varieties: Hawaiian chicken pizza; tuna with pineapple pizza; mushroom with 3-cheese pizza (for us, since we were vegetarian for 1 week). And we had guests bringing over doughnuts – J. Co and Krispy Creme – 2 big boxes (I could only take so much and told myself ‘enough’) – a sinful indulgence for desserts.

And the party came to an end with tear-shedding-laughter from Russell Peter’s performance.

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2 Responses to A Mini Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Geeta, dun forget to make the pizza dough. waitin for it,mages

  2. AGAPE says:

    Ok dear, the next time I am making, will let you know da. Hugzzz

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