Angels and Demons

Haven’t gone for a movie for a long time (okay, the recent one is X-Men: Wolverine – but that was because Alfred and John wanted to watch it and I was dragged along last week :P). I haven’t watched a good movie for a long time – the type of movies that are of interest to me – anything about animals, comedy, romance, adventure, and thriller.

Yesterday, we watched Angels and Demons at TGV, KLCC and I kinda enjoyed the movie – Mr. Alf didn’t find the movie good. There was a suspense element to the movie – but in one of the scenes, I kinda figured out who was the culprit – it was quite a give-away-acting on the part of the villain – quite dissapointing on that part.

I’ve always been intrigued with the historical conflict between science and religion (unreconcilable conflict between knowledge and belief – the concept of God-matter that defines the birth of the universe – scientific attempts to explain the origin of species – how it all started). I believe in God and that every element has energy and that everything is interconnected and interwoven in intricate ways beyond our understanding. It’s quite interesting to view things in this light – to get a different picture of any situation/circumstances.

Well, talking about movies, Mr. Alf’s next must-watch movies are “Terminator Salvation”, “Star-Trek”- none of which are my types of movies – *rolls her eyes*, hehe.

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