Wedding Preps

Last week we were busy running around sorting out stuffs for the wedding – not much time left – another 6 weeks to go – and so much things to do! I made a checklist of things to do for the wedding – and it comes in really handy – of course the checklist needs to be continuously updated along the way. Looking at the checklist, there’s obviously so much yet to be done.

Last Saturday, we collected the wedding invites from Neptune Press, Brickfields. We bumped into my sister, Tasha and her fiance Devan – they are in the midst of finalizing their wedding invites. It is going to be a double celebration for our family – my sister’s wedding and my wedding is only 1 week apart šŸ™‚ Hers will be a church wedding and mine will be the Hindu wedding. So, it’s gonna be lots of fun. And I will be the bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding, yohoooo šŸ™‚

Last week, finally bought the wedding saree and gave the blouse to the tailor. Went saree shopping with Mr. Alf, so he was my only commentator – it was quite funny seeing him commenting on the technicalities of saree. The reason that it took us quite a long time to finalize on the saree is that I was doubting whether I can rely on his judgement regarding whether the saree is THE ONE for me. But, finally, I had to rely on his opinion – because I kinda liked the saree as well.

Yesterday, we printed the RSVP cards – so that’s settled. We have yet to finalize the decor – the quotation that we got cost us a bomb – around RM 13k – I wonder if that’s the amount people spend for a half-day event decor which will be all taken down within 5 hours. Now, we are in the predicament of how to get a decent decor with a decent price. We are also looking for videographer for the wedding. Caterers – yet to finalize the menu selection for the wedding.

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