The Week Ahead

Students have just finished their final exam paper – and I have started marking -about 227 scripts to mark – and my eyes are already going bonkers from reading all types of handwriting. Without paying much attention to grammar and sentence construction (after all, this is a Finance paper), as long as I understand what the student is trying to convey on the script, I give marks accordingly – after all, I was also once a student – so I must empathize what the students are going through – of course without forgoing the quality as much as I could.

And the wedding preps are going on full-swing now with the cards ready to be distributed – that will take up a huge portion of our ever-so-precious-time. Today we basically spent the whole day shopping for door gifts and other miscellaneous items. Having prepared the checklist and going by it is a HUGE HELP – a tremendous stress-reliever, I must say. Being so used to forgetting things, spending some time on the checklist was definitely worth it.

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