Tears of Joy

My friend’s mother lost her battle to pancreatic cancer last week – and it was a very sad news for us – for we knew her mother quite well – and we just visited her in Seremban recently and she said she prays to be able to attend my wedding. I called my friend yesterday to console her (though I know that words can never soothe the pain of her loss) and I received a good news from her – that she is pregnant (8 weeks now)! I couldn’t contain my excitement – and shed tears of joy – told her that she will be able to carry on with a renewed strength now with the baby on the way. God is indeed great – took one away and gave her another…
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2 Responses to Tears of Joy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Geeg , who is this fren, do i know her? mages

  2. AGAPE says:

    It's Manimegalai

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