Post-Vacation mood

It has been almost 2 weeks since we got back from our honeymoon trip from Mauritius and Reunion islands. One word to describe our trip – awesome – filled with lots of awesome people at the islands, scrumptious food at the resort in Mauritius, beautiful sandy beach, and lots of adventure! Mauritius —-> paradise on earth; Reunion —-> breathtaking landscapes! A perfect combo trip.

The week after we got back, we were both attacked by ‘post-vacation blues’. Now, back to reality. The first week after vacation, I had to practically drag myself out of the bed – and boredom starts to hit by sitting in the apartment alone. It’s only until this week I picked myself up and started on my PhD work – which has been sitting idly for quite some time. Met my supervisor last Thursday – and managed to get my ‘engine’ started.

Will post our wedding pictures as soon as we get ’em and honeymoon pictures soon 🙂 Cheers!

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11 Responses to Post-Vacation mood

  1. GayaPau says:

    Babe you in KL now? Let's meet up for dinner? I work in DJ area and leave in USJ…somewhere bangsar shd be great. Let me know if you are up for it… CheersGaya

  2. AGAPE says:

    Hey babe, yeah I am in KL now. Dinner sounds good! I'd be going back to M'cca tomorrow. How about dinner next Tuesday – meet in Bangsar.

  3. AGAPE says:

    Hey babe, you have a blog! But I can't view it – access denied 😦

  4. GayaPau says:

    haha believe it or not i am a virgin when comes to the online blogs. Still hv no idea on how to make it public or private setting whatsoever. I am still learning how to use this. LOL trying to figure out how can i invite you in now…next Tues sounds good to me. for now no meetings after work hur have been schedule so let lock for it 😉 I am going back to Melaka for Merdeka weekend.

  5. GayaPau says:

    yay! 7.30pm okay for u? nak makan ape?

  6. AGAPE says:

    7.30 is fine with me. Alfred is working in Bangsar, so he will tag along with me 🙂 Hmm, what to eat – I let you decide 😉 Hey babe, I finally could access to your blog 🙂

  7. GayaPau says:

    730pmokay with u babe?

  8. GayaPau says:

    lol okay i also dunno what i am doing with the access to my blog!. okay i ll ask Aaron if he wants to tag along! :)koolios after kazzilion years we are finally hooking up again! 🙂 looking forward to see ya 🙂 and alfred

  9. AGAPE says:

    Cool 🙂 so excited – meeting up after kazzilion years (as you put it) – after more than 13 years I think!

  10. GayaPau says:

    Babe! So sory to do this to you. But can we reschedule the dinner to Wednesday? 😦 Sorry – a meeting has been called for Tuesday evening and i cant get out of it :(::( ? What is your phone number again. I remembered you gave it to me and I hv no idea where i kept it.

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