Stay at the Majestic Hotel, Melaka

The Majestic Hotel Malacca – YTL’s best signature boutique hotel. We stayed here the night before our registration of marriage on 07.07.09. It was a surprise from me for Alfred – and boy, he was really smitten with the interior of the hotel. The facade of the hotel reflects the original serene mansion dating back to the 1920s whilst a new building has been created, mirroring the original architecture, to house 54 spacious rooms and suites.

The design integrates old with new, modern with historic, ensuring that the total experience is one that is authentic, honoring the past while bringing every modern convenience to bear.

We love the interior of the suite, with its teakwood furniture and fittings – the fourposter bed decorated in a mixture of rich silks and cool cottons – very colonial and majestic. The service was excellent as well.

It was a pure coincidence – our room number – 707 – the date of our registration date 🙂

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5 Responses to Stay at the Majestic Hotel, Melaka

  1. CL says:

    Wow, the 707 is…What does that mean?

  2. classyadele says:

    OOoh I've heard, read and seen the pics of this hotel in other blogs and on facebook before – really classy! 🙂 Like the new blog format, btw!So when are Alfgee juniors coming?

  3. AGAPE says:

    Hi Adele! Yeap, I decided to book a room there after reading from a blog – the moment we stepped into the hotel, it was like traveling back in time. An awesome stay 🙂

  4. AGAPE says:

    Hi Precious, 707 – it is the date we registered – 07/07/09 🙂

  5. AGAPE says:

    Thanks – the new blog format – you see, I have plenty of time in my hands now – which technically should be spent studying – lol

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