I must admit that I have not been very disciplined in my PhD work recently. I keep telling myself that I’ve gotta keep the rhythm – but ended up breaking it now and then. Right now, I am reading as many journal articles as I can to re-identify the gap in literature in order to make a significant contribution. Sometimes I get lost in the midst of reading – so I’ve done a flow-chart on my list-of-priority-of-things-to-do. Now, I have more ideas on how to increase the depth of my study – now is just the question of the availability of data. I have collected some preliminary data earlier (on GDP, ICT capital, etc.) – but now, I am re-identifying my objectives and the variables to be used – and then verify the data.

My flow-chart:

1. Read related journal articles

2. Go through – identify gap in the literature

3. Formulate/Re-examine objective of study (What is the problem statement?)

4. Significance and contribution of study (Justify)

5. Identify sample and sample size

6. Variables (data availability?)

7. Definition of variables —-> Review the literature

8. Source of data

9. Data collection – verify data
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