Tangy Smoothie

Today’s smoothie: Orange, Tomatoes & Banana Smoothie – it’s refreshing, tangy and a booster early in the morning.

Breakfast this morning: Oatmeal with milk, almond, dates, and flaxseed – the crunchy almonds and the sweet dates are perfect complements to the otherwise bland oatmeal.

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2 Responses to Tangy Smoothie

  1. Chin Nee says:

    whr's the 3rd cup? i tot will prepare one for me too? haha.. you are really a good wife, make this for ur hubby. I think he's really happy to have u. very envy u la… ^_^

  2. AGAPE says:

    Haha, Chin Nee, if you are here I will prepare for you too 😉 Hey, when is our next potluck?

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