Idli with Tomato Chutney

This is my favorite breakfast dish – idli with tomato chutney and vegetarian sambal – a perfect delicious combo. I can really gorge on this. Whenever I go back to Melaka, this is the dish I’d be looking forward the most. Now I’ve learnt to make idli, I am elated – I get to eat my favorite dish whenever I want 🙂 And the idli turned out soft and fluffy – just the way I love it.

Extremely scrumptious, light and nutritious, idli is an ideal breakfast item. Making idli is not difficult at all, however its preparation takes a little time as the batter for idli requires fermentation. As it is a steamed food with minimum oil and no spices, it is pretty much healthy.

Herewith is the recipe for idli (it’s the same recipe as the thosai batter):
– 1 cup brown rice
– 1/2 cup Ulunthu (black gram dhal)
– 2 tbsp avval (rice flakes)
– 1 tbsp cooked brown rice
– Salt to taste


1. Soak the brown rice and black gram dhal together for 4-5 hours.
2. Soak rice flakes for 10 minutes, separately.

3. After soaking, wash the soaked brown rice and black gram dhal a few times and drain the water.
4. Place all the 3 ingredients in the blender with 1 tbsp of cooked brown rice. Add water until it is about 1-inch above the ingredients.

5. Add salt to taste.
6. Blend until the batter is fine and smooth.
7. Leave the batter overnight to ferment.

8. Grease the idli holder or pan well and fill each of them with 3/4th full of batter.
9. Steam cook the idlis on medium flame for about 10 minutes or until done.
10. Use a butter knife to remove the idlis.
11. Serve with tomato chutney or curry.

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2 Responses to Idli with Tomato Chutney

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rajinlah u , when i free , i'll make it . I always it at home….pandai makan aje. I miss my cooking session. You are my motivation , when I see your dishes.mages.

  2. AGAPE says:

    Next time you cook, invite us 🙂 the last time we ate your cooking was last year, I think 🙂 It was good

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