Nexus Karambunai – Post Hiking Pampering

After our Mount Kinabalu hike, we checked in Nexus Karambunai Resort to rejuvenate and relax. One of Alfred’s friend mentioned that this IS the place to stay. When we arrived there, I was absolutely amazed by the size of the resort – it is a mini-heaven so to speak. Even though this place is situated away from the Kota Kinabalu town, it has all the facilities – golf course, botanical garden, jacuzzi, restaurants, mini market, etc. The size of the place is simply mind-boggling.

When we were honeymooning in Mauritius, we concluded that Beau Rivage is the best ever place to stay. But after coming to Nexus Karambunai, we changed our mind and agreed that this place is simply breathtaking and clean! Whenever we go to some beaches in Peninsula Malaysia, most often than not we are dissapointed at the littering that goes on. In Nexus, the beach is combed every now and then for rubbish – and it’s so clean. I absolutely love the ambience of the whole place – they even have a giant chess set overlooking the beach for the visitors to play. At night, it is absolutely romantic to stroll along the beautifully-lit sidewalks shadowed by palm trees. It is surely a place for a romantic getaway. And they have fantastic beach – with its shoreline stretching endlessly. It’s a private beach with only the resort guests allowed there – so there’s absolute privacy. The beach chairs are so comfortable to laze on – and it’s all well spread out. You need a bicycle to get around the whole place – that’s how huge the place is. We would definitely recommend this place to honeymooners and families. And the food served at the restaurants are delicious. Everything seems to be perfect here – yes, it’s too good but it’s true 🙂

At the breakfast area @ King Fisher restaurant

The balcony of the room we stayed in – gorgeous view

The beautiful private beach


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3 Responses to Nexus Karambunai – Post Hiking Pampering

  1. Chinlay says:

    My Goodness, heaven!!!!!

  2. AGAPE says:

    It's very nice, Chin Lay – our room rate was around RM 280 – we booked during MATTA fair – it's a good deal.

  3. ckuramitz says:

    cant agree any less with you. stayed here twice..probably one of the best resorts in msia..

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