This is IT

His life journey ended sooner than anyone thought – GONE TOO SOON. Like most people, I am an ardent fan of Michael Jackson – I can safely say that he is the best-ever artist. We even played his songs for our grand entrance during our wedding dinner on 18th July 2009 🙂
During Oprah’s live interview with him in 1993, he mentioned that “he is nature’s instrument to deliver the art of music to everyone” – how aptly said. He is definitely one of a kind.  During this interview, it striked me how eccentric he appears to be – and yet, how soft-spoken and gentle he is. When he was asked to perform the moon-walk, as soon as the music was turned on, he was instantly ALIVE and all the dance moves came naturally to him – an effortless feat for him. 
The movie “This is It” showcases his rehearsal of his much-awaited come-back concert this year – how he gave his heart and soul during the rehearsal. Watching this compiled behind-the-scenes movie is akin to watching his concert. Thank God, they had the recordings. Otherwise, all his effort will not have been showcased to his die-hard fans. Whatever said, he will remain a legend forever. He carried important messages with him – to protect mother earth and to keep on loving – and his legacy will live on…
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