Vivek’s 21st Birthday Party ~28th Nov 2009

Last Saturday, we visited Kavitha and her new-born baby at Lukut. It was a last-minute plan since earlier Alfred wanted to go to Balok beach on Saturday morning to kite-surf. But at the very last minute that morning, we cancelled the beach plan on Saturday and went to Lukut to visit Kavitha instead. She was elated to hear that we were coming. We reached Lukut at about lunch time and had lunch in Seremban with Kavitha, her husband and her baby-boy Thirushen. He is such a good baby – after drinking his milk, he just dozed off quietly even in the midst of the hustle-bustle-ness in the restaurant – he seems to be unperturbed by the noisy environment. Then, we went over to their house in Bandar Springfield – it’s a lovely house around a pleasant neighborhood. We played with Thirushen and had a great time with him – he is such a happy baby – smiling all the time 🙂 cute!
After that, we rushed back to KL since we had a birthday party to attend at Shah Alam. It was my cousin, Vivek’s 21st birthday party. Met up with all the relatives whom we haven’t met since our wedding. Had a great night chatting, joking, and laughing. I can’t remember the last time I laughed my heart out like this. Felt so good! The butt of the joke was my cousin, Thavanes – and he doesn’t even seem to know that he was entertaining us, haha.
Vivek with his mom, Aunty Raghini and his brother, Vinod. They are a bunch of jovial and sporting people!
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  1. Geeta & Alfred,It was a great pleasure to meet both of you. Thanks for coming and feel free to drop by whenever you want!!!

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