My review of the 2012 movie which we watched last night:
  • Lots of effects which was cool coz’ it looks so real;
  • Lots of drama; some of which I think is overdone and unneccesary;
  • No matter how much science and technology we have mastered, mother nature is more powerful than us. An important lesson to learn is that our superior force is none other than our mother earth – which is the highest form of intelligence – every element in it is so carefully planned to sustain all the living beings. So cherish and respect the earth we are staying in.
  • According to the movie, Africa will be the only continent remaining after all the catastrophe. So, there will be no longer any divisions of countries – the 1 continent standing symbolizes unity among humanity which is so lacking now. 
  • The lack of the spirit of brotherhood among humanity at the present era is also highlighted in this movie. Even in the midst of chaos during the end-of-the-world, human being is seen to be using money as a ticket to enter the ship. In the name of preserving the species of mankind, at the end of the day, only the chosen ones are allowed to board ships that ferry them to safety – and only the rich can afford them. Government, corruption and the value of human life are highlighted in this movie.
  • After watching this movie, I reflected on what would we do if we really are facing the end days. The moral of the story is to savor every precious moments we have. More often than not we are so caught up in the rat-race that we forget to pause to admire the clouds on the sky,  or to feel the gentle breeze; and to admire the nature surrounding us.
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