A lost

Today morning we received the dreaded phone call from my father-in-law – the news of Alfred’s grandma’s passing. Although we were pretty much prepared for this news (she was unconscious since last Thursday), it was still hard to accept. She lived to a ripe-old-age of 90 – and she has been blessed to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren growing up.
I still remember the first time I met her – she was so elated of hearing that Alfred and I are getting married. We’ve always made it a point to visit her as frequently as we could since she lived alone (it was her choice to live alone in her old-wooden-home-sweet-home. She has always said that we should take care of our wife/husband and children). I’ve never met an old lady as strong-willed as her. Even during her daughter’s funeral earlier this year, she was calm and collected – and she was the one who consoled us saying there’s no point of crying and feeling remorseful – saying that her daughter’s time has come and she had to go – as simple as that – she understood and accepted the fate. One of her favorite quotes is “You shouldn’t worry and you should be strong and be willing to face anything”. Her advices are still ringing loud and clear on my mind.
She has never cared much about herself – and never felt sorry for herself. She is an extremely independent woman – she is so adamant of doing everything herself despite having trouble to walk. As her legs gave way over time, she insists on walking to the bathroom without assistance (she dislikes it when anyone holds her – and she will slowly walk from her room to the bathroom by holding the walls for support). She fell many times, but to her that’s nothing. She has gone through many hardships in her life – and yet she stood mightily against all the challenges life threw to her.
It was a great honor for me to have known her – a great inspiration to everyone whose life she has touched. After her passing, I can hear everyone talking about her greatest qualities – high-degree of discipline and the strongest will-power. She has indeed lived a good life and set many good examples – one which everyone around her will cherish and remember for the rest of our lives. We love you, Grandma. Rest in Peace.
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4 Responses to A lost

  1. Cheng Leng says:

    My condolences to you and your family. Do take good care of your hubby, I am sure he misses his Grandma dearly.

  2. sivanes says:

    geets, may she rest in peace n god bless…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Our Deepest Sympathy . God Bless.mages

  4. AGAPE says:

    Thanks, dear friends.

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