Delcom PD Breakaway ~11-13th December 2009~

Last weekend was Alfred’s company’s annual trip to Port Dickson. Since Alfred is the vice-president of the Delcom Sports and Recreation Club, we decided to go for the trip to give support. After watching a movie at MBO Melaka, we drove to PD and reached Thistle Resort around 11 p.m..on Friday. We checked in and had a good night sleep.
The room comes with a lovely view of the beach and the swimming pool. I love the interior of the room as well. The place has been recently renovated and refurbished.
We had a lovely breakfast while mingling with his colleagues and their families. After that, there were some activities organized in the afternoon at the Eagle Ranch – paintball, abseiling and archery.
Saturday night was the much anticipated annual dinner with the theme Twilight Masquerade.
The theme for the annual dinner
Us in mask
The dining hall
The emcee, Alvin, organized some fun stuffs which enticed everyone to participate. He managed to get everyone on the stage to have fun – I must say it was such a fun night filled with laughter and fun! Alfred was one of them who got picked by his boss to the stage, haha. And they were asked to go to another room to get changed. And when they made their special entrance to the stage, this is what they looked like:
Alfred with his goggles, wig, and his furry wraps – haha, he looked so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.
Another team dressed funnily
Shrek, George Bush and Saddam Hussein and the Emcee
The last bit of the fun-filled night
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