Sambal Tempeh

Today’s lunch: Sambal tempeh with rice and stir-fried cauliflower in oyster sauce. I love the hot sambal and tempeh and the combination of both is explosive! Herewith is the recipe for sambal tempeh.
Dried chilies (the amount depends on how hot your want it) (soak it in hot water)
Red chilies (the amount depends on how hot your want it)
1 red onion
2 big onions
Dried anchovies (soak it in hot water to remove all the impurities)
3 cloves garlic
3 tomatoes (diced)
2 tomatoes (blended)
Tamarind juice
Diced tempeh
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste
1. Blend the dry and red chilies, dried anchovies, 2 tomatoes, and 1 big onion into a paste. Add some oil to the mixture while blending.
2. Slice the remaining big onion and red onion and garlic.
3. Heat some oil in a wok. When the oil is moderately hot, saute onions and garlic until golden brown. Then, add the chili paste and saute until it is fragrant. This should take about 15 minutes (until the oil and chili separates and is cooked thoroughly – it is ready when oil from paste floats to the top). Use only low heat and stir constantly.
4. Add the tamarind juice, sugar and salt to taste.
5. Add the diced tomatoes and tempeh.
6. Cook for another 5-10 minutes while stirring occasionally. Before serving, remove the excess oil.
7. Serve with rice, idli or bread.

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