Alfred received an invitation from GE Energy for the premier screening of the movie, Avatar at TGV, Suria KLCC. On Thursday night, Alfred, John, and myself went for the screening. Although the movie was a tad draggy (2 hours 43 minutes – almost the same running time as Tamil movies), it highlights the epidemic that is ruling mankind – Greed – the greed for more land, more money, more power, and so on. And in the quest for more of everything, the weak are oppressed – animals, the poor, and the less powerful.
This movie highlights the plight of the indigeneous population (known as the Na’vi) inhabiting a planet called Pandora when humans begin to attack their peaceful sanctuary in order to acquire the precious stones located around the area where this population live. When the indigeneous population refused to move from their sacred sanctuary, the humans waged a war against them to force them out of their own land – a classic tale of greed. In between of all these, love blossoms between the lead cast (Jack Sully who was chosen to inhabit the body of a genetically-engineered Na’vi hybrid known as an Avatar to gain the trust of the indigeneous population and convince them to move) and the indigeneous girl; and along the story important lessons are imparted – how every living being is connected to the same source – the oneness of energy that binds every soul and the purity of that energy. It has a deep meaning if you choose to look beyond.
I would rate this movie 5/5 for it’s visual effects and the depth in the story.
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