Our New Baby – Kenwood Juice Extractor

Today we bought a new juicer – Kenwood Juice Extractor Model JE 660. The current one that we have has a very small feeder – so it takes more laborious time to cut the fruits and vegetables into smaller sizes to fit into the feeder. Since we are using the juicer everyday, we thought it’d be great to invest in a better juicer. So, we were just looking around at Best Denki, Suria KLCC and we spotted this baby – and it was sold at a very good discount – RM 199! Wow, we thought that is a great bargain for a Kenwood Juicer and bought it straight away. This one has a big feeder which can fit an entire apple – which will save me so much time early in the morning! It feels great to start a brand new year with a new juicer 🙂
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