Xmas @ Singapore

On the 24th December, after dropping my cousin and his family at my grandpa’s place in Seremban, we headed straight back to Melaka. The plan is to drive down to Singapore on Christmas day – partly because we had to pick my cousin up at the airport on Christmas eve and partly to avoid the Christmas eve traffic jam.
We left Melaka at about 10.30 a.m. on 25th December and decided to take the 2nd link to Singapore. There were practically no cars at the checkpoint – so it was a smooth and relaxing journey for us. We joined Aaron and his former colleagues for lunch at one of the eateries and then headed back to his apartment with his girlfriend, Jocelyn. Since he had to attend a family gathering that night, we both decided to stroll along Orchard Road to bask in the Xmas mood with all the lights and decorations. The road to Orchard was closed due to the concert and celebrations, so we took the MRT to town. We had dinner in one of the food courts there – it was jam-packed and there were no vacant tables- so we decided to just stand and relish the best-ever-rojak we’ve ever tasted – I am practically drooling at the thought of it while typing this – it was damn good! Then once we found a place to sit, we ordered some Chinese dishes – which was so mediocre compared to the ROJAK.
At the food court

After dinner, we walked around the beautifully-lit and decorated Orchard road. It was just too crowded and we had to shove ourselves around. Despite the crowd, we enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere with all the brightly lit lights and ornaments – it was just so Christmas-ty.
At the Orchard Road
The next day (26th Dec), we had dim sum breakfast with Aaron and Jocelyn – we ordered the steamed dumplings – it was a hearty breakfast. At noon, we went over for a Christmas lunch at Uncle John ‘s sister’s place in Marsiling Road – it was so merry with the house full of relatives – and delectable food! There were abundant food everywhere. We had great fun there and left in the evening.

We hung out with Aaron for dinner that night. Went back to his place and watched Inglorious Basterds over some wine. The company was good but the movie – a chronically violent and funny movie – I didn’t like it.

The next morning (27th Dec), Aaron brought us to the famous curry laksa place for breakfast. Then, we had the best ever coffee (I was never a coffee person – but at the first sip of the coffee, I fell in love with the smooth and aromatic flavor). We left Singapore at about 1 p.m. and stopped over Tangkak to indulge in some durians! Reached home around 7.30 p.m. and brought my parents and sister out for a Chinese dinner. A great and eventful Christmas weekend – thank you God.

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1 Response to Xmas @ Singapore

  1. Cheng Leng says:

    Hey, i didn't know you were in Singapore. I'm here at the moment and I recognize the Ferrero Rocher tree. May your 2010 goals be accomplished!

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