Family Trip to Port Dickson ~2nd – 3rd January 2010~

Devan and Tasha organized a family trip to Port Dickson on 2nd January and all our family members gathered under one roof and spent some quality time together. All my siblings, Usha aunty (my mom’s sister) and family, Ravi uncle (mom’s brother) and family, and cousin Kumar and family from India came for the gathering. We stayed one night at one of the bungalows which Devan and Tasha booked earlier last year.
We played football, cards, games and had a ball of a time at the beach. We had barbecue that night accompanied by lots of chattering, teasing and giggling. That’s the first time I’ve seen my uncle (Ravi mamma) so jovial and sporting – he was so fun to be with! And of course the main entertainer of the lot was Uncle John with all his antics.
We had some desserts later – I baked chocolate cake with frosting and blueberry cheesecake the night before to bring for the gathering and all of them enjoyed it. After dinner, we played football at the field and then proceeded to play some cards and board games. Some of them didn’t sleep until about 5.30 a.m. but still managed to get up the next morning to go to the beach for a second round of dip and fun.
A game of football – shirtless team against the team with shirts on

At the barbecue corner
The gambling corner
 The next morning during breakfast
The gang walking towards the beach
 The antics at the beach
The family gathering was a splendid idea and we should have it more often. Everyone had a blast – and we are looking forward for more reunions! Thank you Devan and Tasha for organizing this outing and for bringing us closer.
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