Fulfilling Vow ~Thaipusam 2010~

I made a vow last year to shave my head bald for Thaipusam this year. We went to Batu Caves to fulfill our vow before the actual Thaipusam day, which falls on the 30th of January. On January 20th, we fulfilled our vow and felt grateful for the gift of health and blessings that God has granted us.

Herewith is the before and after pictures:

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9 Responses to Fulfilling Vow ~Thaipusam 2010~

  1. Mel & Sham says:

    What a brave, gracious and humble thing to do!Am very proud of you and happy for you, Geets.May your lives be filled with God's abundant grace and blessings.Hugs to you, sweetie!

  2. AGAPE says:

    Thanks, dear Mel. I wish the same for you and your family. Hugzz

  3. rajani says:

    may god bless your family for giving valuable hair to god.

  4. Rajendar says:

    You really look fantablous with your bald head..Hope u tonsure your head frequently..God bless..

  5. Rajendar says:

    Please do post some pics that you took during the tonsuring process like watering the hair before tonsure n razor shave n all..Thanks in advance..

  6. amargundu11 says:

    such a beautyfull in bald head dear

  7. amargundu11 says:

    do it every year its suits u dear u look relly preety

  8. Malar says:

    My mom had a vow to shave my head at palani.I was so scared to shave it bald and kept on asking for an alternative like cutting my hair very short like a pixie cut but she was reluctant to get my headshaved at the temple.After seeing your bald pics only I was pretty confident that even young girls shave their heads for vows.Got my head shaved bald in the tonsure place at the temple.Feel pretty shy in meeting my friends and collegues.Please do advise on how to go about this situation and also tell me how long will it take for the hair to grow till shoulder length??

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