Moving out

Today I was lamenting to Alfred on how I wish we could find a nice landed house with a nice cute garden. Although staying right smack in the middle of the city centre has its advantages, I never liked being cooped up in a condominium. It was not in our original plan to stay at the Idaman Residence condo unit; Alfred purchased the condo unit mainly for investment purpose – either sell it when there’s a good price for it or rent it out.

We’ve been trying to find for a tenant for quite some time now. But I have to admit we were not actively looking to rent our place out since day-by-day we grew comfortable in the place and we’ve made it our home. It took us lots of effort and time in getting the condo unit furnished – from lighting and other fixtures, to the other soft furnishings to make the place a comfy home. But we both knew that we’ve always wanted to live in a landed home with a garden.

So, I was telling Alfred on the phone today that it’s high time that we seriously look to rent out the place and move into a nice-cozy-home-with-a-garden and keep a dog. But, I didn’t expect things to fall in place this quickly! Soon after the conversation today, Alfred made few calls to real estate agents and found an expat looking for a place to stay near KLCC area. The guy was immediately free to come and have a look at our place and he liked our place – and they negotiated the rental – and before I knew it, both parties agreed on the terms and conditions. The tenant was keen to grab the opportunity to rent the place since we offered a much lower rental rate compared to the going market rate for a fully furnished unit. We decided not to be greedy and to be realistic instead. The rental agreement is for 1-year. And the tenant wants to move in immediately. Wow, it’s all happening too fast. We requested for a week to pack up our belongings and agreed to hand over the keys next Wednesday evening, 9th June.

Although, initially we both experienced a separation-syndrome after realizing that we will be moving out soon, -all the oh-i-am-gonna-miss-this-and-that- but we know that this is what we wanted and now it’s time to act on it when the opportunity presents itself.

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