Packing Day

Today is a day dedicated to packing – boxes and boxes of stuffs – it seemed neverending. I thought we didn’t have much stuff to pack since we are leaving behind most of the furniture. But, once we start packing, more and more things appear. Alfred has already started packing last Friday – all my files and books – which took up lots of space. 
Today, we were packing and sealing the box; packing and sealing; after about 6 hours, we were almost 3/4 done. Then, we headed to Courts Mammoth to purhase the dining set. We found a nice piece which matched the motive on the curtain that we chose – and the dining set was on sale. After that, we headed to Bianco at Damansara for a late lunch. It was a long and tiring day – but we managed to get most of the things packed. Packing is one of the things I dreaded when it comes to moving out; but we don’t have much time to even think about it – but to just do it!
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